Family dinner and courage

How can we help more people to be able to take a stand by simple means?

Open diveristy data

Site to publish diversity data of organisations


Platform used to request public information.

Who owns the city?

Visualization of who owns the metro stations of Stockholm.


An open source ridesharing and public transport bot

Transparency @ Din Riksdag

Visualise the governments documents and take Swedens work with open data to the next level


Free cloud services for social movements.

Smarta Kartan 2.0

The Smart Map aims to make it easier for the people of Gothenburg and visitors to the city to live sustainably by encouraging community, new meetings and access rather than ownership.


A website by Allt åt alla Göteborg to keep track of tenancy prices and acknowledge conflicts with landlords.


Create a platform where citizens can debate about Riksdagens activity, talk to its commissioners and support the creation of proposals


Start designing an open-source sharing/gifting platform to be first implemented in Gothenburg!

Foodsaving platform

Karrot is a sleek and user-friendly open source tool where people can coordinate pickups to save food from being wasted and to share it freely.