Hackathon #2

An open source ridesharing and public transport bot

Åke is beeing born - an open source ridesharing and public transport bot!

We have to do more. After this summers fires we have to help people travel together instead of taking their own vechile. For Civic Tech Sweden we therefore present “Åke” - an open source ridesharing and public transport bot!

Over 70 000 participants are today a part of our non-profit ridesharing movement. After this summers fires we have talked about what we can do together to encourage more people to do like us. In our app we already show both pulbic transport and individuals rideshares. We think that we can bring this to a lot of contexts where needed through step by step building a bot that everyone through open code can build upon. We will take the first step at the Civic Tech Sweden hack!

Examples where Åke can help:

  • A chatbot in all the different chatapps
  • Selfsearching Twitter when someone does a combination of words, for example ridesharing + Gothenburg
  • Publish data to Facebook groups (for example gathering rideshares from our app and publish them in our Facebook group)
  • As material for voice assistants

Desired skills

Both we and public transport has open API´s and we need you who think it is as important as us to program the first lines of Åke. We also need you who want to think broader around Åke and how we can help more people to travel together; designers, service developers, psychologists, environmentalists - and everyone else with creativity. Join us, now we release Åke!

Mattias Jägerskog


Founder of Skjutsgruppen, a ridesharing service to lower one man motoring and a communications expert with a passion for a socially and environmentally sustainable society.

Participating in

Hackathon #2

Welcome to take part in Civic Tech Swedens second hackathon September 2nd! It will be a full day of exciting projects, good food and fika in a friendly atmosphere.

2 September 2018, 10 am - 7 pm / Viktoriahuset, Gothenburg, Sweden