Who owns the city?

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Visualization of who owns the metro stations of Stockohlm.

The project aims at making a webb-application to show who owns what in the public spaces of Stockholm. By visualizing invisible layers in the city and who owns which areas, we want to make it easier for citizens to act in the public space. The base of the project is that no information should be unavailable for the citizens moving in the city, and we believe new visualizations and mappings can make a difference in that aspect. The group have previously made a physical map (right now exhibited on Arkdes in Stockholm) regarding the level of public ownership around the centres in the suburbs of Stockholm, which builds on the subway map of the city. Now we want to digitalize it. A prototype version of the digital map had been made, but a lot of work remains to realize it fully.

There are several small tasks in the form of a list that can be accomplished during the hack, or you can brainstorm your own ideas as of what could improve the map.

Skills needed

The project especially needs people that can contribute to making a user friendly digital map. Many (often fantastic) map-projects in the intersection of art, activism and the city unfortunately have web applications that are difficult to navigate on. We also need people with an interest in design to work on the user interface.

If you know any of these skills you can contribute:

  • UX
  • Design
  • CSS
  • React.js

Project manager

mdgh - Who owns the city?
Mdgh - the group is interdisciplinary and has been working together since 2015. We have all been involved in voluntary work around questions on urban justice, but created mdgh becasuse we saw a need of new visualizations and mappings to be able to continue working for a more democratic city. Members of the group are Sarah Kim (curator, producer), Paula Urbano (artist), Elof Hemström (aesthetics theoricist), Maryam Fanni (graphic designer) and Åsa Johansson (landscape architect).

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