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Reclaim the room!

How can we help more people to be able to take a stand by simple means?

The project aims at developing the website which was created during a hackathon for almost a year ago, #metoohack in Gothenburg. The idea was to provide methods and tools to help people take a stand in everyday situations at the workplace, in school or around the dinner table. The site is up and running, but we would like to see how it can be developed further, how we can make it grow and reach more people. We hope that we can reach out to people in an easy-going and available manner, when it comes to both design and language. The site is built on real situations that we have gathered anonymously.

Skills needed

Everything, but mainly creativity and the ability to come up with ideas on how to communicate the product so it can reach a broader audience.

Tasks we need help with:

  1. Brainstorm around more situations that are not yet represented on the site but that are commonly occuring.
  2. Brainstorm around more methods to use when encountering the situations on the site, so that everyone can find something that suits them.
  3. Small fixes we didnt solve yet: some nice table-solution or similar for the methods. Maybe design ideas for a graphic profile apart from what is already in place, illustrations, color choices etc.
  4. How can Impact reach more people and in what ways can we make that happen?An application? Gamification? We want it to feel fun. Is it possible to implement some sort of quiz, material for charades or something else?
  5. How can we reach a broader audience?

Project manager

Noelle Madsen
Noelle Madsen and Oscar Börjesson developed the site Make Impact together during 2018. Oscar studies at Chalmers and Noelle works as a communicator for Chalmers student union, and the site is a side project. Noelle got the idea for the project during the metoo-fall of 2017 and the discussion on taking a stand against unacceptable behavious was brought up over and over again, seldom providing any ideas on how to create change. During metoohack in Gothenburg a small team created the base of what is now the site The site is driven voluntarily without external sponsors or similar.

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