Reclaim the room!

Platform used to request public information.

A project with the goal of setting up a platform where one can request public information from authorities, where the information is also stored and open for anyone to take part of in the future. The platform is meant to open up the public sector of Sweden!

The project is based on alaveteli which have been used for similar platforms in other countries.

Skills needed


Colors, logo, theme and so on


Help with the functionality of the site, not yet specified detailed what’s needed at the time of the hackathon, but if you have some knowledge on webb development you can contribute.

More detailed information will be mailed to registered participants later on

Project manager

Elle Lingh
Studerar på Hyper Island i Karlskrona och jobbar med projektet Handlingar med stöd från Digidem Lab.

Join us!

CivicTechSweden is a cooperation between organisations, networks and the public sector. Please get in touch if you want to be a part of the network!

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