Digital support for work rehabilitation

Purpose and goal

This project will contribute to increase the autonomy for people who have been without work for a long time. We are developing a digital support system that motivates people to make step-by-step, bite-sized actions while simultaneously giving them control over their own rehabilitation process. The digital support offered will also give the job coach, relatives, and employers the opportunity to follow and support the person’s work rehabilitation journey.

Expected effects and results

The project will result in a mobile app (prototype) that is adapted to the person’s needs and conditions for getting closer to the labor market. The person is a co-creator of the individualized support system which can involve relatives and others to help support them in their process towards self-sufficiency. The digital support will also give the job coaches the opportunity and inspiration to help as they get a tool in a web app to develop, support, and follow the person’s work rehabilitation process. The expected effect is that the person experiences increased confidence in their own ability and in the public sector - thus increasing the possibility of them taking control of their own livelihood.

Layout and implementation

The project is funded by Vinnova and began in November 2020 and ends in December 2021. We who run the project represent the public sector, business, research, and civil society: Samordningsförbundet Stockholms stad, the technology company MyIndicators, the research institute RISE, Stockholms Stadsmission, and Attention Stockholm. We are using the service design method to examine the needs of the participants in Samordningsförbundet, job coaches, relatives, and employers to increase the motivation to take steps towards the labor market.

We are in full swing with conducting digital meetings where the participants and the job coaches come together to contribute by discussing various themes and issues that make us move forward in the digital development. There are engaging discussions about goals, sub-goals, activities, and what is needed to take steps in the right direction. By autumn this year, a prototype will be ready to be tested by the participant and the job coaches.

Malene Schmidt