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People have always migrated around the world and the population of Sweden consists of people with diverse backgrounds - but do everyone find themselves welcomed in the organisations of Sweden? We often hear stories about segregation, sexism, inequality and discrimination, so how is the inclusion of people really going? Companies and other organisations already gather demographic data about their board members and sometimes employees. We want to push them to publish this data in a way that makes it more accessible to everyone! Open diversity data makes it easier to understand the levels of diversity in Sweden today. More information: - it’s also the current version of the project to continue working on during the hackathon!

Skills needed

Project leaders and members - who want to co-own and continue to run the project from where it is right now People who know:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Graphic designer who can help create a visual profile for the project
  • Someone who knows about social media platforms and maybe API:s and wants to help add sharing-functionality
  • Strategist for communication and social media

Project manager

Mattias Axell
I created this project during a hackathon and thought it could brought back into the light for this hack. I’ve been involved in the open data-movement for a long time and I’ve felt that the lack of diversity of the movement has had a negative effect on the development. I feel like there is a real need for more and different perspectives in many organisations which could really help them to easier achieve their goals. I believe this project can help organisations in Sweden to be more aware of and better understand that the current situation is problematic. I believe the world will develop in a healthier way if more perspectives are included by improving the diversity and equality within organisations!

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