Civic Tech Sthlm #11 – What future for open data in Sweden?

Come and discuss with your government about Sweden's open data policy for 2020, and listen to Canada's Open gov executive director tell us how her country became a leader in open data!

February 4th 2020, 18-21 / Goto 10, Hammarby Kaj 10D, 120 07 Stockholm

Power to the people

Democracy, participation and transparency.

Sharing is caring

Collaborative economy, the commons and sustainable consumption.

I like to move it

Sustainable transportation, travel and mobility.

CivicTechSweden is a network of individuals, organisations and the public sector working to make the possibilities that comes with digital technology benefit as many as possible.


Öppen Upphandling

Shed light on your government spendings!


Which organisations lobby your government the most?


Having fun with political data from Wikipedia/Wikidata