Civic tech your way-hackathon

26 January 2011, 10 am - 6 pm // Goto10, Stockholm, Sweden

The 26th of Januari Civic Tech Swedens third hackathon will take place in Stockholm! Now we are opening up for submitting projects for the participants to be introduced and contribute to during the day.

Do you have a project you want to involve more people to, or do you need help with something specific in a project you are wokring on? Then this is the perfect time to submit that project to the hackathon the 26th of January.

We also accept ideas for projects that you would want to see developed, but don’t know where to start at or dont have the time to do yourself. During the hackathon, interested participants can brainstorm and discuss what could be done and how to move forward with the idea.

The basic guidelines for the projects are:

  1. The project should be about developing or using new technologies in order to promote an increased participation in social movements, non-profit associations, democratic political processes and civil society in general.
  2. The results of the project should be made available to the public.

It will be possible to submit projects until the end of December. If you have any questions contact

New for this hackathon is that its exclusively open for people who identify as women or non-binary. Previous hackathons have had predominantly male particpants which reflects the tech world in general. We are making this hack women- and non-binary-only to ensure the participation of non-men from start in the shaping of civic tech sweden, so it will grow to be an inclusive and safe community for all.

If you wish to participate in the planning of the hackathon or see what’s going on, there’s a private channel in the civic tech-chat. Write in another channel or send an email to the above given adress and we will invite you. Keep an eye out for the registering that will open in december.

Looking forward to getting to know more about your projects and ideas!

Join us!

CivicTechSweden is a cooperation between organisations, networks and the public sector. Please get in touch if you want to be a part of the network!

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