Civic Tech Lab: Community Engagement

1 October 2020 1-4 pm / Online

How can civic tech projects engage the public and users in their projects? What should you keep in mind when outsiders are involved in a project? How can we create incentives for creating engagement?

This workshop aims to develop the ways in which your civic tech projects can build community and engage end users or get participants to contribute to your projects in different ways. We will also look at what incentives and values we can create for users to contribute.

A combination of Zoom and an interactive whiteboard tool will be used to conduct a group workshop that has your projects in focus.

The workshop is led by Magnus Eriksson from RISE but will also provide a space for civic tech projects to discuss their experiences with each other and exchange knowledge and tips.

We plan to hold this workshop in Swedish, but if you want to participate in English, email as soon as possible and we will be able to change our plans!