Have a say on the openness of Sweden!

April 29th 2019, 18-20 / Goto10, Hammarby Kaj 10D, Stockholm

How would you like Sweden to work with transpacency in the future? Join the discussion and give your opinion on the action plan!

Sweden is since 2011 part of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), an international collaboration bringing together government reformers and civil society to promote transparency and inclusivity.

The government is developing its fourth action plan describing how the work towards fulfilling its commitments will proceed, and it will be released before summer. Since OGP is about the interrelation between civil society and government, we invite you to join us for a meetup so anyone interested will get the chance to express their opinions and suggest new ideas.

Are there areas in which you think the government is lacking in their efforts of transparency? Is there data you need published to be able to monitor the public administration? Do you wish your opinion should be taken into account more often?

Bring your proposals!


  • 18.00 What is OGP?
  • 18.15 Experiences from another country
  • 18.40 The cabinet office presents their draft (to be confirmed)
  • 19.15 Proposals for improvement
  • 20.15 Possibility of continuing the conversation at a bar

(The place for the event might change during week 16 so stay updated!)

Hope to see you there!