March 24th 2019, 13-16 / House Blivande, Södra Hamnvägen 9, Stockholm

A day of workshops on integrity and anonymity. Learn more or spread what you already know!

We invite you to a day of workshops on the theme integrity and anonymity. The subject is more relevant than ever considering how micro-targeting is used to affect our view of the world and our opinions, that the swedish police are going to start using face recognition in their work and big corporations keep developing their ways of gathering information about us. When areas of surveillance are expanded, we need to expand our own understanding of the surveillance algorithms, as well as use, spread and develop tools to escape the traps we risk falling into.

No prior knowledge is needed to participate!

If you feel like you already know all or some of this, we would love for you to show up and share your knowledge where it’s needed. We welcome any level of knowledge, and those who have more are encouraged to share it with the rest! If you want to lead a workshop yourself: get in touch.

During the day we will put together tips of available tools and other things for anyone who wants to learn more about integrity and anonoymity.

We will provide fika and a chill atmosphere!


Getting started with Tor

Tor browser allows you to surf anonymously through peoples contribution to the Tor-network. Tor is used to avoid censorship, by journalists and activists or to protect your integrity and identity online in your private life. Learn more about why we use Tor and how to set up a relay. Setting up a relay is an easy but important way to make Tor better and safer.

Introduction to integrtiy-tools

Tips of tools you can use to protect your integrity, for example how you can test the safety of your browser, which addons you could use to your browser and handling of passwords.

Face paint to avoid face recognition

We will try reliable and maybe unreliable ways of avoiding face-recognition!

Hope to see you there!