Hands-on Cryptoparty in Uppsala!

January 20th 2020, 17-19:00 / Carolina Rediviva, Uppsala

Help each other to install, configure, and get to know tools for improved digital privacy, anonymity, and security.

On Monday is Lösenordsbytardagen — a day to reflect on the security of our passwords and user accounts, and to remind us to secure some of our accounts. We invite you to learn about secure and memorable passwords with us (the first presentation) and how to safely store passwords using a password manager (the second presentation). Following these talks, the CryptoParty continues with discussions during fika and we also help you getting started using a password manager on your device. Bring your laptops/smartphones!

Join the IRC chat on Freenode.

Event description can be found here.


  • 17.00 Welcome and start
  • 19.00 Thanks and end

Hope to see you there!