Hackathon #1

10 March 2018, 10 am - 7 pm / Viktoriahuset, Gothenburg, Sweden

Welcome to Gothenburg's new meeting point for the civic tech community! The first hackathon will be a full day of exciting projects, good food and fika in a friendly atmosphere.

Remember that the 5th of March is the deadline for registering as participant.

The basic guidelines for the projects are:

  1. The project should be about developing or using new technologies in order to promote an increased participation in social movements, non-profit associations, democratic political processes and civil society in general.
  2. The results of the project should be made available to the public.

See you!

Participating projects


A website by Allt åt alla Göteborg to keep track of tenancy prices and acknowledge conflicts with landlords.

Din Riksdag

How will we create laws in the future?


Start designing an open-source sharing/gifting platform to be first implemented in Gothenburg!

Foodsaving platform

Karrot is a sleek and user-friendly open source tool where people can coordinate pickups to save food from being wasted and to share it freely.