About CivicTechSweden


CivicTechSweden is a cooperation between organisations, networks and the public sector working for social and environmental goals and making use of digital technologies. By organising hackathons and meetups with different themes we wish to raise the status for the civic tech sector and bring together developers, designers, hackers, activists, innovators and anyone sharing the same interests and values.


We organise hackathons and meetups to promote civic-tech development together with different actors from civil society and the municipality. Some of our inspiration comes from Code for Germany and f0rk in France.

The projects will have three different themes:

  • Sharing is caring: Collaborative economy, the commons and sustainable consumption.
  • Power to the people: Democracy, participation and transparency.
  • I like to move it: Sustainable transportation, travel and mobility.

The partners responsible for the organisation of each hackathon should collaborate in reaching out to the public, finding participants within and outside their own networks, presenting their projects and leading group participants during the event.


1) The project should be about developing or using new technologies in order to promote an increased participation in social movements, non-profit associations, democratic political processes and civil society in general.

2) The results of the project should be made available to the public.

  • The workflow and process in the project can be documented so that more people can learn from it.
  • Any code generated should use an open-source license.
  • Text, pictures or videos produced should be licensed under Creative Commons.

Join us!

CivicTechSweden is a cooperation between organisations, networks and the public sector. Please get in touch if you want to be a part of the network!

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