Transparency @ Din Riksdag

Hackathon #2

Visualise the governments documents and take Swedens work with open data to the next level

The Swedish government is writing a new action plan for Open Government Partnership. The Swedish Government Offices (Regeringskansliet) is creating assignments and proposals about open data for agencies but there is still a lot missing to achieve real politics for open data. Today the government pubishes all their proposals, investigations and similar documents as PDF:s and without API. The goal for this hack is to manually extract data from Regeringkansliets documents and create additional value (visualisations, integrations to other services) to show the government how important it is to open up the data for real.

Desired skills

Data scientists, web developers and designers with experience in visualisation. The hack is short so we will not build anything big. Everyone who is interested in open data and transparency can join and we will adapt the work after the participants.

Chat about the project


Pierre Mesure

Din Riksdag

I work with Digidem Lab on the project Democratic Cities to implement Consul, the worlds biggest citizen platform. Meanwhile I work on a project called Din Riksdag that involves including citizens in lawdrafting processes. A part of the challenge is the lack of simple and structured data for these processes.

Participating in

Hackathon #2

Welcome to take part in Civic Tech Swedens second hackathon September 2nd! It will be a full day of exciting projects, good food and fika in a friendly atmosphere.

2 September 2018, 10 am - 7 pm / Viktoriahuset, Gothenburg, Sweden